Tips for Ladies

The look and feel…whilst innovation and new trends are important, one can never underestimate grace and elegance in a wedding. The memories are in the details. Be unique and personal.

The day…should depict who you both are. If you are always laid-back and love nature, bring that into the wedding; or if you are elegant with a touch of glamour, that should come through on the day. Remember to include your fiancé, even if that means agreeing to having steak…it’s his day too! 🙂

The dress…try ivory, cream or off-white. These are generally softer with skin tones and will complement your complexion on the day.

The hair and make-up…get a professional to do this for you. You don’t want to worry about fixing your hair or powdering your nose every 10 minutes. For tips on hairstyles to suit your face shape go to

The photographs…these are the memories to look back on – choose wisely! The most expensive photographer is not necessarily the best. Have a look at what styles you most like and ensure that you get along with the person behind the camera – you’ll have to smile at them ALL day!!

The weather…there is nothing you can do about it. Always have a plan B and relax – you’re marrying your best friend, despite the rain.

Remember that this is about you. Everyone is coming to celebrate with you and it is more about the people than the ‘stuff.’ The best weddings are always those with the most love – invite the people closest to you and the rest will fall into place.

DON’T STRESS!!!! Rather contact us to do the stressing for you 🙂


Tips for Guys

Be part of it…this is your day too. Yes, I told her you wanted steak 🙂

Be interested…although you probably don’t care much for flowers and cutlery, it means the world to her if you give your opinion anyway.

There are times to just smile and nod…I’ll tell you when!

When she walks down the aisle towards you, take that moment in…she’ll only do that once.

Look good…buy that insanely expensive cravat that she’ll love even though you’ll never wear it again! (By the way, that’s the tie :)) Agree to wear a bouttonnier on the day (that’s the guy’s lapel flower in case you were wondering.)

Be sincere…your promises should be kept forever.

Photographs…don’t do bunny ear fingers behind her head during couples shots – she will NOT find it funny.

Tell her you love her at least once every day…

Think before you speak. Your words have the potential to bring out the beauty within her.