Feedback and Testimonials



“I would encourage couples to make use of Poetry as our experience was exceptional. Excellent attention to detail, calmness when it is needed most and professionalism.”

Top Tips: Surround yourself with people you trust, delegate & let go.
Love Shera

Shera and Clint
Salt Rock Hotel, North Coast
10 June 2017


“Our day would not have been the same without Faye. Also because it was a destination wedding and we weren’t physically there to visit the venue, go for tastings or trials and see the table mock-ups. Faye helped us with all of these key decisions and gave us honest feedback based on her own feeling and our overall theme.
On-site Faye was everywhere and nowhere. She had a detailed plan on hand and made sure the ceremony, dinner, speeches, throwing of the bouquet and garter, first dance etc. all happened exactly when they were planned to happen. She met the suppliers beforehand and made sure the set up was as per our expectations. She handled our wedding in a very professional manner.
As I work in events, there were times where I thought I could handle the planning by myself. Looking back now, I change my mind. All you want to do the week before the wedding is focus on yourself and not worry about any of the details. There is no way that I would have been able to do what Faye did for us if I had planned the entire wedding myself.”

Top Tips: To all the ladies who have been dreaming of their perfect day: When making decisions, don’t give your man a breakdown of all the options you have been looking at. Pick your 3 favourites and let him choose out of these options only. Chances are that he will pick something that is not in your top 3 and you’ll feel as if you are back to the beginning again.
Love Natasha

Natasha and Darren (Dubai)
Green Leaves Country Lodge, Hartbeespoort
29 April 2017


“Faye and her team are invaluable!
It is daunting to think of spending part of our budget on a wedding planner, especially if, like us, you have not budgeted for one. From my experience, Faye and her team are invaluable and worth every cent.
The planning…I was so relaxed and stress free that my husband thought nothing was getting done until he joined me in a meeting with Faye, and realized that everything was under control and there was absolutely nothing for us to stress about. Faye takes everything you say, every detail and makes it a reality.
On the day… All we did was show up and enjoy! Our friends and family weren’t burdened with any responsibilities, they were guests and could enjoy being our guests. Our wedding venue was set and decorated more beautifully than we could have imagined. Faye made sure everything ran smoothly.
The unexpected… All our gifts were neatly packed in a car for us to just drive off with. Faye made sure we had drinks at the ready. All supplier deposits were collected and paid back to us shortly after the wedding. The extra food from the buffet was packed into containers, some sent with our parents and some waiting for us at the chalet.
My husband and I both say that we would redo our day and all the planning in a heartbeat. This is purely thanks to Faye. She is truly incredible at what she does. She is worth every cent and we would have paid double for the amazing service she provided.”

Top Tips: Take a few minutes to walk away together and watch from afar, watch your guests enjoying themselves, take pleasure in the culmination of months of hard work, but most importantly take a minute to appreciate the magnitude of the day… You are now married to your person!”
Love Yosh

Yoshira and Neil
Maroupi, North Coast
25 March 2017


“Most definitely, choose Poetry. Faye and Chantel are Fairy Godmothers who wave their wand and make magic happen. They really do take the stress out of the day and are so behind the scenes on the day. We loved having Chantel help up. As well as Faye and all her knowledge.”

Top Tips: Enjoy the wedding planning time, although it can be stressfull at times, it really is good fun. Enjoy your engagement and don’t let wedding stress influence your happy time.
Love Lauren

Lauren and Ian
The Orchards, Midlands
11 March 2017


“Faye is the consummate professional – using Poetry was one of the best decisions we made in the run up to our big day. No issue in the planning process was too small to handle nor too big to resolve.
Faye took away the stress of making sure that all the ideas we had were executed on the day. We had gone to a lot of trouble with the small details and Faye listened to us, ensured she understood what we wanted and executed it all to perfection on the day.
She ensured we were both happy at all times during the day – we can’t thank you enough Faye for the way you coordinated everything on the day.
We even had a comment from Keira who runs the wedding venue at Bellwood. She was amazed at how organized you were and commented that you were a massive help to the entire process.”

Top Tips: You can never start too early with the planning- the details are very time consuming. Compare all quotes for different service providers as there are so many in the wedding industry. Poetry helped us with getting the best prices and not getting ripped off. Take in every moment on the day- it goes by faster than people warn you about.
Love Shell

Shelley and Craig
Bellwood, Midlands
18 February 2017


“Faye and her team are professional and always ensure that your wedding reflects your style and personalities. Her advice and experience is invaluable and makes the planning process relaxed and enjoyable. We were amazed by how everything came together so beautifully as Poetry made all our ideas come to life. Thank you Faye and Poetry Weddings!”

Top Tips: Plan for after the wedding more than just the wedding day.
Love Candice

Candice and Deolan
Maroupi, North Coast
3 December 2016


“I am an event planner working mainly on large corporate congresses and international conferences. I was convinced that I could manage all aspects of the wedding preparation on my own, I mean, how hard can 70 guests really be?
The truth is that there are people who make planning weddings their profession for a reason! Hiring Poetry Weddings was the best decision I ever made. Faye was available for me 24/7 and had everything covered. She focused on the details of things I didn’t think were a big deal but on the day, it all came to life and I was so grateful for her insight.
I enjoyed every single moment of our day because I had a Poetry Weddings Guardian Angel keeping all the stress far away from me.
Faye introduced me to the group of people who quite literally made our day. She advised us on the venue, the photographer, the makeup artist, hair stylist, DJ, reverend…Your agreement with Poetry Weddings should be the first contract you sign. Everything else will simply fall into place after that. It’s like magic!
Ed and I both agree that if we had to do everything all over again, Poetry Weddings would be our first point of call…”

Top Tips: Hire a professional wedding planner! This is probably the most important advice I can offer anyone who is planning to get married, especially abroad.
Love Caz

Caz and Ed (Dubai)
Cathedral Peak Hotel, Drakensberg
25 October 2016


“Faye’s attention to detail is impeccable, she asked questions that I had not even thought of. On our wedding day Faye was a godsend, we did not have to worry about whether things were in the right place, did everything look alright, nothing! Weddings are stressful enough without having to run around in your wedding dress dealing with service providers.”

Top Tips: Get a wedding coordinator! Decide on what is important to you (e.g. photographs, fine dining, dress, etc) and allocate money to it in your budget accordingly, save money in other places.
Love Cindy

Cindy and Sam (SA & UK)
Jex Estate, North Coast
1 October 2016


“Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Soooo worth it! I initially thought a wedding planner was a luxurious ‘extra’… It is not. Faye takes on so much unnecessary stress that you don’t need to be carrying around. She is such a calming presence.”

Top Tips: Get a wedding planner – worth every cent! Don’t sweat the small stuff and make a conscious decision on the morning of your wedding that NOTHING is going to ruin your day…rain, Aunt May, etc.
Love Nicky

Nicky and Matt
Family Farm, Midlands
26 March 2016